Our projects

The following projects represent examples of companies we have partnered with, the industries we work within, and the diverse scope of work we provide.


Tooling Intel_LoRes.jpg

Tooling Intel is a SaaS business model with software application for asset management in the manufacturing environment. Their patent pending tooling audit platform bridges the gap between executive management and operations to bring real-time global asset visibility and predictive tooling analytics to key corporate stakeholders. APT Future provides leadership development, strategic relationships, and guidance for execution of the company’s long range vision.


Amish Home Logo_LoRes.jpg

Amish Home Furnishings is a retail outlet that offers a diverse range of custom furniture which provides its customers with some of the most exceptional choices that are proudly “Made in America”. Amish Home Furnishings specializes in genuine solid hardwood furnishings and a specialty of the company is the ability to create beautiful pieces for unique spaces in any home. APT Future is retained to execute a succession strategy on behalf of the ownership group with comprehensive responsibilities from planning though to a sale transaction of the company.


Auramist logo_LoRes.jpg

Auramist is niche wholesale distributor of proprietary components used for climatic applications. They utilize an engineering centric sales process to design custom components and help customers innovate new consumer and industrial products worldwide. APT Future is responsible to manage all sales, technical, and operational functions of the business in this long-term engagement.


Diemaster logo.jpg

Diemaster is a manufacturer of plastics injection molds for key industries such as medical devices, automotive, and consumer products. Diemaster also brings a wealth of value to help customers innovate their product designs and solutions to ensure they produce the highest quality plastic parts. APT Future’s long-term engagement supports strategic planning, new business development, capital equipment acquisition, manufacturing systems implementation, and human capital research.


Zero Horizons_LoRes.jpg

Zero-G Horizons core purpose is to develop and commercialize new technologies for the space and oceanic industries. Their team of researchers and developers specialize in controlled cavitation technologies, fluid management in microgravity, and cybersecurity systems. APT Future’s is in a long-term engagement to provide guidance for strategic growth and leverage intellectual property developments. On an operational level, responsibilities include management and execution of key functions in the areas corporate governance, finance, human resources, and system protocols.

tactical support

CEO Nexus_LoRes.jpg

CEO Nexus provides business owners, CEOs and presidents practical tools and techniques designed specifically for second-stage companies. They offer a suite of three related and reinforcing services to address the challenges entrepreneurs face as leaders which include CEO Forums, CEO Roundtables, and a CEO Referral Network. APT Future facilitates Roundtable events and project specific support related to growth initiatives of the company.


Zyxogen Logo_smlr.png

Zyxogen is a global prototyping and licensing company of sophisticated liquid atomization and micro disbursement technologies. Zyxogen provides solutions to industries from cosmetics, heavy manufacturing, electronics, food, medical devices, aerospace and others. APT Future’s long-term engagement encompasses all technical aspects, including product development, engineering, prototype fabrication, laboratory testing, intellectual property management, and sales support.